33+ 1972 Beetle Enginepartment Diagram PNG

33+ 1972 Beetle Enginepartment Diagram PNG. Beetle 1972 automobile pdf manual download. 1972 volkswagen beetle technical specifications and dimensions.

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Save the diagram to your hard drive, remember where you put it! Most of all engine parts are new since it was missetup from previous mechanic. Engine, horsepower, torque, dimensions and mechanical details for the 1972 volkswagen beetle.

11,438p x 1698p ~ file size:

::6 ooo oo larger rear window :. Engine codes it's always interesting to know what engine's in your beetle and you can check by looking at the prefix. Covering engine, lubrication system, ignition system, fuel system, emission control, clutch, gearbox and final drive, rear axle, rear suspension, front suspension, steering, brakes, electrical equipment, technical data, tolerances and wear limits, index at end of repair guide. 1972 super beetle, engine compartment.

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